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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook and Google Summer of Code ?

Mid-december I sent a mail to this list, suggesting that DocBook applies 
to participate in Google's "Summer of Code" program.
A couple of people followed up with interest and ideas, so I'd like to 
send out a little note with some details.
Google just sent out this: 

The most important bit is this:

"We will begin accepting application from
would-be mentoring organizations beginning March 8th at approximately
19:00 UTC, with applications closing on March 12th at 23:00 UTC. "

I would like to suggest that, as a start, we collect project ideas on 
the wiki. (I was going to do that, then realized that the pages I looked 
at where marked immutable. May be I'm just lacking enough karma to edit 
them. Can someone help ? A new "GSoCIdeas" page would be a good start !)



       ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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