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Subject: Eclipse Help plugin.xml encoding


we are currently facing a problem with the "plugin.xml" file generated
using the DocBook stylesheets. Basically the problem occurs because of
"ü" or any other html escape characters used. Eclipse just has
problems with them. I already tried to overwrite the
"chunker.output.encoding"  and "default.encoding" parameters in our
eclipse customization layer and furthermore the responsible template
as well.

Although we have a workaround, we'd like to fix it within our
customization layer. We are using Xalan - I don't know to which extent
this might be the problem (only limited EXSLT capabilities).


Tobias Anstett, CTO
K15t Software | k15t.com | Scroll - Single Source your wiki. | Tools
for wiki-based documentation.
Email: tobias@k15t.com | Tel. +49 (711) 4605 2269

Lindenspürstr. 22, 70176 Stuttgart, GERMANY
Registration: Stuttgart HRB 729752, VAT ID: DE264753756
Geschäftsführer (CEO): Stefan Kleineikenscheidt

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