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Subject: Re: DocBook transformation by browsers' xslt engine

I'm trying to find the answer to the question: what is the best method for identifying nodes to be transformed when toc entry is clicked on, for the purposes of browser-based xslt transformation?

I had an idea to use the unique xpath to the node, but I came to realize, that an xslt processor is not able evaluate an xpath expression which comes from a parameter. If I want to use xpath, xslt document has to be modified for matching the proper node. Which means I have to create a new XSLTProcessor object in Mozilla for each transformation, and I can't use the XSLTemplate object in Explorer, which provides caching for more efficient xslt processing (rough estimate: around 30%) for cases of repeated transform() method calls.

If I go with the id, I have to take care of the nodes which don't have id-s. They usually got generated values, as toc entry id-s, and
filenames accordingly. In my case there are no files, so I guess I will have a pre-processing phase, to create the missing id attributes and fill them with the generated values in the docbook's DOM document.

Could you tell me please, if I'm missing something obvious here?


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