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Subject: RFE: roundtripping to/from adobe IDML

I would like to ask the docbook community if there is any interest in
a new set of XSLT for rountripping between docbook and Adobe Indesign

Altough InDesign is non an open solution, Adobe ha opened up its
InDesign file format by introducing IDML, IMHO an extremely well
thought xml rapresentation of the InDesign object model and this
simple fact opened up new options for implementing new kind of xml

A rountripping solution wolud be extremely useful in many traditional
workflows, where is desiderable/more confortable to have the
possibility to edit interactively a paginated XML content, instead of
relying on a batch pagination process based on FO. Particularly in the
traditional publishing industry, this roundtripping scenario would
grately helps the adoption of docbook based XML workflows.

As a reference, here are the links to the relevant IDML specs:

I do not have any connection with Adobe.



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