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Subject: Help with xsl template for image on the titlepage

Hello list members.

After hours and hours of trail-and-error, I finally ran out of ideas.  
I am looking for a way to control presentation of one particular image  
that is supposed to be used on a titlepage (without editing the input  
XML). What I have achieved  so far is:

1) I customised the titlepage.templates.xml file found in the fo  
2) my titlepage now contains the article title, subtitle and one image
3) The input XML contains the imageobject (the one that is supposed to  
find its way to the titlepage) as the first child of the articleinfo  

What I want to do is, in my customisation layer, to set a fixed size  
for that particular image and the corresponding image container.

One of my ideas was to tweak the graphics.xsl template, hard code the  
values for size of the image and the image container and include that  
customized template in my customization layer. I actually did succeed  
tweaking the template to my needs. One side effect was that the  
customized template was applied to all mediaobjects, not just the one  
on the titlepage. My impression was that by adding 'mode="titlepage"  
to the template, it would only apply to the titlepage. But that turned  
out to be wrong.

So my question how can I hardcode attributes (scaling, size etc.) for  
a particular image in my customization layer.

Am I making sense?

Thank you for your input.

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