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Subject: Indexterms - see pointing to secondary

Hello Everyone,

I am creating a three-level index using default primary/secondary/tertiary
elements. Several items are synomyms so I use the 'see' element for the
topic redirection. But in few cases I'd like to point the user to the second
level topic instead to the primary as that primary doesn't exist (and I
don't plan to include it, see details below).

But now I see if it is necessary to distinguish the level of the see element
content, I have to use some system. What do you think, is something like
'primary, secondary' feasible? 

Here is an example:
scripting API
- arrays
- - one dimensional, see scripting API, lists
- - two dimensional, see scripting API, tables
- lists, 10, 12-16
- tables, 18

My effort to use the secondary element as the target is to keep the user in
the place where he currently is. My index is quite huge and I think it
wouldn't be very convenient to point the user to the primary several pages
And because of complexity of the current index I don't want to add another
primaries there.

I am even thinking to support something like this in the DocBook schema -
add some linkend attribute to the see element and place there, optionally id
of needed index entry. This link would be automatically (in XSLT) resolved
to the appropriate text, according to the used level:
See primary
See primary, secondary
See primary, secondary, tertiary

But I don't know if somebody else need something like this ;-)


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