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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] CSS based docbook editor

Thank you for the link!

As far as I understood, this editor is made for developers, and would 
have too much unnecessary overhead for simpler needs?

I am currently looking for a docBook editor that is directed towards end 
users, with the following requirements:
- preferably an easy to use word processor interface
- can validate document structure against docBook in general and check 
for required elements within the specific library project
- And especially:
ability to import and transform rtf documents preformatted in a 
specified way by contributing authors (or at least open them and 
reformat, instead of having to cut and paste single text blocks, which 
seems to be the necessary procedure e.g. in XMLmind?)

I have begun looking around what's available (authoring tools on docBook 
Wiki) but as a non-expert just learning the basics of docBook would be 
VERY grateful for further tips to get me going in the right direction!
Thanks in advance,


Nathalie Sequeira
web *n* languages

Türingstr. 6
6020 Innsbruck
Mobil: 0650 224 3336

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