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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] "anchor" template outputs invalid XHTML: empty"a" tag


Le mardi 06 avril 2010, Bob Stayton a écrit :
> Thanks for clarifying.  Now it makes sense.
> I should point out that the DocBook XHTML stylesheets have never
> claimed to be conformant with Strict XHTML.  You'll notice that the
> DOCTYPE emitted by the stylesheet is for the transitional DTD.
> I don't doubt there is a need for Strict XHTML, but no one has
> committed to doing that work.

It looks like RedHat partially did.

> Part of the problem is that the
> existing DocBook XHTML stylesheets are automatically generated from
> the HTML stylesheets using XSLT, and there are limitations on that
> approach.  That approach was taken to avoid the work of keeping two
> separate HTML flavors in sync with regard to bug fixes and new
> features.

I understand that but apparently in practice converted document are pretty
much compliant except for this specific problem (or publican managed to
integrate solution/work-arounds for most of them).

You might want to review their stylesheets to look for changes to

On the other side, Jeff, you might want to push some of your "fixes"
upstream so that you can simplify your stylesheets in the long term and
so that everybody benefits from them and not only those that are using

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://www.ouaza.com

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