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Subject: How do I highlight inline text ?


I am a newbie in getting DocBook XML to generate HTML. I have it working and
documented what the processing elements are at a high level as well as
detailed steps for installation in Windows for newbies at


Perhaps this exists somewhere already and I just did not find it ?

Request help in figuring out how to highlight inline text.

It seems that the way to go is to use something like <emphasis
role="yellow">some text</emphasis>. I got the idea from

1) The sql syntax example at


2) The following email from the docbook-apps mailing list

Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Coloring body text portions - May 18, 2004
3:54:58 pm

For HTML output, it is easier to export a class attribute on some HTML
element and then write a CSS stylesheet to apply styles such as color. A few
elements like <phrase> and <emphasis> can export their role attribute value
as a class attribute if you set the right stylesheet parameter.

If the way to go is to follow the example in sagehill.net, then request help

Question: What should be the CSS stylesheet entry ?

Question: What should I add to the stylesheet customization layer ?

Question: Perhaps the above entire approach is inappropriate and another
approach should be used

Pontification type of question: It seems like highlighting text w/ color
should be a standard feature ? Since its not, I am missing the mind set
associated w/ DocBook. What is the mind set w/ which to approach DocBook and
its processing chain such that it makes sense that color highlighting is not
built in ?

If the above does not make sense, I have attempted to be more elaborate at


If I have violated some of the mailing list norms, please let me know so
that I can correct them.

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