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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] processing modular docbook

On 04/07/2010 09:45 AM, Tim Arnold wrote:
> The next and final step is to produce XHTML from the DocBook intermediate files. I'm doing that on FreeBSD 6.3 using python 2.6 and the lxml-2.2.2 package which, in turn, uses the libxml2.6.30 and libxslt1.1.22 libraries.

If all you do in this step is apply a set of stylesheets to transform DB 
to XHTML, why don't you use xsltproc directly, instead of some Python 
tool. I'm not sure what is involved in your (possibly custom) 
transformation, but this appears to be the bottleneck in the pipeline, 
and so looking into speeding that up may help quite a bit.



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