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Subject: Autodesk Web Help

Hello Everyone,

after some time of work in Autodesk Inventor I am very impressed by its help
system. The program itself is a Windows application and the help is provided
in compiled HTML format. Now I've found this help is available also online.
Here is a typical page: http://bit.ly/b443FK

There is a navigation with well known buttons
Contents/Index/Search/Favorities, but interesting is also the document
window. There are small forward, back and top links with the appropriate
tooltips as well as Show in content, Add to Favorities and Home links. In
the header there is also clickable full logic path to the given page. 

Another feature I like is a tab approach. Division differs from page to
page, here the content is divided into Concept/Procedure/Quick Reference

I think all this is generated using some sophisticated tool, but I can
imagine to get the same output from my DocBook document. 

Isn't it a nice challenge? 


PS: I have nothing to do with Autodesk...

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