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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] roundtrip - normalise-common.xsl - customization and section numbering

Hi Mathieu,

Some time ago I decided that trying to support limitless section elements was very difficult with the roundtripping system. There is too much of a mismatch between Word's fixed set of styles and DocBook's unlimited sections. Starting and stopping sections at the same level is just about impossible (though I'm willing to be proven wrong ;-).

This should answer your question as to why Heading6, Heading7, etc, are not supported: there is no DocBook element to map them to.

As far as the bad-title errors are concerned, the document is trying to skip section levels; going from sect2 to sect4 without an intervening sect3. Doing so would violate the DocBook schema.

Steve Ball

On 11/04/2010, at 1:07 AM, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:

> Hi there,
>  I am trying to customize normalise-common.xsl to remap the custom
> style to proper 'known names' for wordml rountrip. I am hitting a
> small issue here. Here is my custom normalise-common.xsl:
>  <xsl:template name='rnd:map-paragraph-style'>
>    <xsl:param name='style'/>
>    <xsl:choose>
>      <xsl:when test='$style = "Heading1"'>sect1-title</xsl:when>
>      <xsl:when test='$style = "Heading2"'>sect2-title</xsl:when>
>      <xsl:when test='$style = "Heading3"'>sect3-title</xsl:when>
>      <xsl:when test='$style = "Heading4"'>sect4-title</xsl:when>
>      <xsl:when test='$style = "Heading5"'>sect5-title</xsl:when>
> ...
> However I do not understand:
> 1. how I can handle Heading6, Heading7 and Heading8 (they are present
> in my original Word document).
> 2. This might be related to (1). How do I handle mismatch in original
> document such as:
> ERROR "bad-title": title style "sect4-title" mismatches parent "sect2"
> ERROR "bad-title": title style "sect5-title" mismatches parent "sect3"
> Basically would it be possible to handle the generic 'section' docbook element ?
> Thanks !
> -- 
> Mathieu
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