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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] General question about creating docbook documents (maybe OT)

> I would like to ask the list members: how do you create docbook-
> compilant XML documents? What does your workflow looks like so to say?
> Do you write XML files in a XML editor? A web interface? My apologies
> if this is slightly off topic.

Oxygen Author (with WYSIWYG mode) -> black box -> HTML, PDF, CHM
Although the most of our technical writers are humanitarians without deep IT
knowledge, there is no problem with Oxygen and versioning (SVN). I am
responsible for the black box - it consists of a XSLT customization layer
and sophisticated VB scripts that power all the transformations.

> 1) Because technical documentation must be translated into many
> different languages, providing translators with documents that they
> can edit has been a hassle. 

Please google CAT keyword (computer-aided translation).
Software like Trados can translate easily even InDesign/FrameMaker files.
Forget translation of small parts of the original document. Each even small
change is translated together with the complete document - with the help of
translation memory which is maintained mostly by translating agency. In
ideal case you pay really just for that small difference.

In our case all documentation is translated after the release of the
original version. Translation takes approx. two weeks.

In any case consider any Getting Started version of your documentation
otherwise you will have to pay fortune.


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