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Subject: Setting profile. parameters within the XSLT

Hi all,

I'm trying to set a profile. parameter (in particular,
profile.condition) by grabbing a value from the document being processed
and it looks like I've clevered myself into a corner. I try to set the
profile.condition parameter from within my customization layer for the
profiles.xsl sheet like so:

<xsl:param name="profile.condition"><xsl:value-of

I could have sworn that I had this working a month ago, and when I went
back to use it, it failed. Over the last 4 hours I've flipped from not
understanding why it doesn't work to doubting that it ever did. I'm
looking at now and thinking that there's no way I could have been
setting a parameter by reading into a file that I've yet to process. Not
sure what the heck I've done here.

So, does anyone know of a clever way of doing this? I've got the
preprocess steps that I can work with if it's possible to embed an XSLT
value into an XML file in a way that can be read by the processor (saxon
9), but I can't jump out to the command line; that option isn't
available to me.


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