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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] epub generation

|  -----Original Message-----
|  From: Jacques Foucry 
|  I'm trying to use the ThreePress python scripts which call 
|  the docbook/epub xslt.
|  It should be possible to use a custom stylesheet which 
|  import the epub.xslt file.
|  And I have a trouble with my informaltable :
|  lxml.etree.XSLTApplyError: No adjustColumnWidths function available.
|  I know what to do with Xalan or Saxon in this case, but with 
|  python and those script, I don't.
|  Is there any body who can help me ?

The DocBook-XSL distribution comes with an adjustColumnWidths function that
can be used with the default libxml2/libxslt Python bindings (see
extensions/README.LIBXSLT). However, this won't work in your case since the
ThreePress epub tools use lxml (which is a different libxml2/libxslt Python

You should be able to make the error message go away by setting the
tablecolumns.extension parameter to 0.


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