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Subject: [OT] - Doc in Wiki system

Helo Everyone,

I've found one company which is switching their on-line help into Wiki
system. Is this a trend, fashion or are there really some requirements not
available in conventional channels?

I've found one article with the nice comment from Mick Davidson

It seems to the user more comfortable, but for me, at author side, quite
scattered. I am asking myself: If version 1.0 of product will be released
and help spread via WIKI and many users will add there their comments and
responsible persons on other side give them responses in form of comments,
what will happen with all this messages when version 2.0 of the product will
be released? 

From my point of view all comments, if relevant, should be added immediately
also into Help source (both actual 2.0 'trunk' and on-line 1.0 version
should be synchronized). Yes, at the end this is beneficial, it makes next
version of documentation more clear and user friendly...

I see in the background system like docbook. Is docbook still the right
choice? Or will be these wikis created directly without any other sources?

I already understand to some recent needs for DocBook-Wiki round-trip. I
will be soon at the same situation...

Any comments or experience are welcomed.



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