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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps]PDF downconversion to docBook XML

Hi list

I am new to DocBook, and XML-based publishing in general.   I run a 
small publishing company (30 titles), that specializes in complexity 
theory and I have been looking for ways to not only improve my little 
doc flow methodology, but also make our content available to our readers 
in a variety of new modes and formats.  I have been drawn to DocBook and 
the possibility of using XSLT as a means to realize these goals.  I have 
little trouble figuring out how to prepare new content and am hoping to 
produce our next two titles purely from DocBook XML.  However, I also 
have about 6000 pages of PDFs (not all having the same format) that I'd 
like to 'down convert' to DocBook XML.  I am making SLOW progress and 
wondered if anyone here had any bright ideas about how to approach this 
task... e.g., is PDF to html the best first step?  Or does anyone know 
of any affordable services being provided to do the down conversion for me.

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

I'm really rather excited about the possibilities that arise once I move 
our publishing from Adobe CS to XML-based!

Kind regards, Kurt

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