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Subject: LaTeX (was: InDesign typography advantage)

Giuseppe Bonelli <peppo.bonelli@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree with you that the quality of a page typesetted with LateX is
> _very_ high, but I think it would be _very_ difficult to introduce a
> LateX typesetting phase in a production worflow of a traditional
> publishing house. In other environment this could definitely be a good
> solution.

I am told that many publishing houses routinely use LaTeX.  I have dealt
with one (Springer).  One catch, however, might be that dblatex's output
contains some LaTeX commands that refer to dblatex-specific stylesheets;
often publishers that use LaTeX have their own in-house style sheets, I

Introducing a LaTeX phase to a publishing house that is *not* already
familiar with it is of course a different problem...

   Mike Maxwell

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