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Subject: write docbook attributes from Word 2007 (roundtrip stylesheets)

Hi all,

We're thinking in documenting our designs using Docbook. However, some
members of our team don't feel comfortable editing the XML directly
(they usually work with Word 2007). For this reason I took a look at
the roundtrip (wordml to docbook conversion) stylesheets and frankly,
they work very well for our purpose. The only thing I can't get
working is docbook attributes. I don't fully understand the paragraph
that comes in the specifications.xml document that explains how to do

    "XML attributes are encoded in Word comments (annotations). Some
dummy text (just a space, using a
    character style that includes the hidden property) anchors the
comment. Within the comment text, character
    types are used to indicate attribute names and values (these must
be paired). This approach keeps the
    attributes separate to the main body and allows multiple
attributes to be encoded."

For example, if I want to include a xpointer attribute to a xi:include tag:

1) I apply the xinclude style to a line. The text in that line will be
the href attribute.
2) I select some dummy text in that line (for example an space) and
apply the "attributes" style to it.
3) With that space selected, I add a Word 2007 comment. Now, how I
indicate attribute names and values within that comment? How do I
split different attribute name/value pairs? Do I have to use the
"attribute-name" and "attribute-value" styles?

A working example would be greatly appreciated. I'm using 1.75.2
stylesheets and xsltproc.

Thanks for your support

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