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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Footnote title tags / visual classification

Hello Bob & everyone

> Congratuations on your customization!

thanks :-)

> Regarding the para selection, your select statement is not selecting the 
> first para, it is selecting all child para elements in the annotation.  
> To get only the first para, use select="annotation/para[1]".

Hmm, that's odd.  I did think at first that what I'd written _would_ 
select them all, but in practice, when I've done a test like this:

       my real annotation
       test para
     the footnote itself

... the "test para" doesn't appear anywhere in the HTML.

Thoughts on this mystery welcome, though not crucial to me at the moment 
as it works anyway :-)

As an addendum, I've also realised that I seem to need to do

   <para>my real annotation</para>

rather than

     my real annotation

if I want to avoid getting &#xA; before & after the title (white space) 
- not that it shows in the visible output, but it was making my HTML 
look untidy.

> Regarding the footnoteref, the addressing is easy.  
> <xsl:variable name="footnote" select="key('id', @linkend)"/>

Haven't tried this yet, but thanks.



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