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Subject: fop: WARNING: Cannot Find a Base-14 Font (docbook bug?)

I am getting this warning when running fop for pdf from my fo file
(generated from docbook source):

I thought that shouldn't happen since the ZapfDingbats is hard-coded
in fop.  Isn't it a vector font so that any size can be produced?

However, I found reference to fop bug 47279 which says:

When the font-family property hasn't been specified in the FO file, it defaults
to "sans-serif,Symbol,ZapfDingbats". But the latter two aren't available in a
bold variant. When a block of text can be rendered using the sans-serif family
only, warnings are still issued about unavailable Symbol bold and ZapfDingbats
bold. This is likely to puzzle users.

So, isn't the missing default fo entry due to a docbook bug? I
couldn't find reference to anything similar in the docbook tracker.



Thomas M. Browder, Jr.
Niceville, Florida

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