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Subject: XSL-FO Customization: Table

Hi List.
I am trying to generate PDF from my DocBook XML
So far, I generated something really plain, and I would like to have
things look better.
So, customization of the xsl-fo stylesheets.
My problem is that, no matter how I set the parameters, I can't get the
table to have borders.
In my custom stylesheet, I set

	<xsl:param name="table.frame.border.thickness">0.5pt</xsl:param>
	<xsl:param name="table.frame.border.style">solid</xsl:param>
	<xsl:param name="table.frame.border.color">#808080</xsl:param>
	<xsl:param name="table.cell.border.thickness">1pt</xsl:param>	
	<xsl:param name="table.cell.border.style">solid</xsl:param>	
	<xsl:param name="table.cell.border.color">dark</xsl:param>	

But nothing happens on the generated PDF..
(and parameters are read as I have a <xsl:param
name="paper.type">A4</xsl:param> that is used, at least in the xsl-fo

In the xsl-fo, I have
<fo:table table-layout="fixed" width="100%" border-bottom-width="0.5pt"
border-bottom-style="solid" border-bottom-color="black">
Thus, I would expect the PDF to have something with borders...
Any hint, gentlemen ?

I am using saxon9he, FOP0.95
Thanks in advance

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