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Subject: [ANN] Publican 2 released

Publican 2 is finally finished and released. The most significant update 
is the incorporation of the web-publishing component that was previously 
used stand-alone by Red Hat internally and, more recently, has been used 
by the Fedora Documentation Project to build the Fedora documentation 
suite.[0] With web publishing built in, Publican can handle the whole 
publication process from DocBook XML to a live website. The new feature 
is documented in a new chapter in the Users' Guide.[1]

Apart from this major new feature, Publican 2 also includes fixes for 
several bugs; most notably: xrefs to various elements that didn't work, 
problems with <indexterms> for translators, and various presentation flaws.

Publican 2 is not yet available as a Fedora update; however, you can 
download builds from the Fedora build system (Koji) for testing.[2] 
Publican 2 will become generally available in Fedora once it has 
accumulated enough Karma in the Fedora update system (Bodhi).[3]

For users of other operating systems, the source tarball is available 
from Fedorahosted.[4]


- Add Publican::Website.
- Add web_*_label params for web menus.
- Add underscores to cleanset, installbrand, and printtree. BZ #581090
- Update docs with Website content
- Update brand license text.
- Fix different log jar path on F14+
- Add constraint to help_config output.
- Fix segfault when indexterm has no leading content. BZ #592666
- Fix inline indexterm. BZ #592823
- Translate productname tag. BZ #592669
- Fix formalpara missing ID. BZ #595564
- Add dummy lang.css to avoid 404's. BZ #595799
- Improve validation error message. BZ #593887
- Fix qandaentry ID. BZ #593892
- Fix Icon non-conformance. BZ #593890
- Fix admonitions splitting across pages. BZ #596257
- Fix HTML simple list border. BZ #599258
- Fix formal object IDs. BZ #601363
- Fix Revision History layout. BZ #559787 #598828 #598833
- Remove title color from term in HTML. BZ #592822
- Fix highlight breaking callouts. BZ #590933
- Add support for LineColumn coords in area tag.
- Update font requires for F12 and F13.
- Fix clean_ids adding newline to verbatim. BZ #604465
- Fix index missing ID. BZ #606418
- Fix files dir being missed. BZ #609345
- Adjust admonition layout.

[0] http://docs.fedoraproject.org

[1] "Chapter 6. Building a website with Publican", available online at 

for Fedora 13 or 
for Fedora 12

[3] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/publican-2.1-0.fc13 for 
Fedora 13 or https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/publican-2.1-0.fc12 
for Fedora 12

[4] https://fedorahosted.org/releases/p/u/publican/Publican-2.1.tar.gz

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