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Subject: TOC on every page of DocBook HTML Chunked output

Hello all:
I saw a brief thread about this topic in the list here, but I still don't understand how this can be easily accomplished.

I am trying to get a persistent TOC to output on every page of my Chunked DocBook HTML output. Preferably as a DIV alongside a div of the relevant content.  
I guess it would be somewhat like the page header or footer generated with the standard stylesheets when creating chunked HTML. Only instead of being at the top or bottom of each page I am looking for it to appear along the left side, like a navigation bar showing the contents and of course linking to them.
It seems to me like this is not a unique request, and someone could be doing this without excessive customization. 
Is there any way to accomplish this using the standard docbook tools?? (stock stylesheets, xsltproc)
If so I would greatly appreciate a pointer in the right direction - even if only to some further documentation.
I would really appreciate it! 
Thanks in advance!

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