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Subject: Generating targetset

Hi there,

  I am wondering if anyone had to deal with this issue before. My
build system is generating a list of filenames to be installed like

  <file name="share/doc/Common1/Doc1/index.html"/>
  <file name="share/doc/Common1/Doc2/index.html"/>
  <file name="share/doc/Common2/Doc1/index.html"/>
  <file name="share/doc/Common3/Doc1/index.html"/>
  <file name="share/doc/Common3/Doc2/index.html"/>

  I would need to convert that input XML into the targetset structure,
where common directory need to contains multiple files, so I cannot
simply process one string at a time, but would need some kind of hash
table to find out redundancies.

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated !


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