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Subject: SV: [docbook-apps] Compact DocBook ?

Another way to do it is to use regular JavaDoc and do the following:
1 Generate html from java
2 Generate DocBook from html
We do something similar but our primary targets are wiki-pages. 
In our case we "mark" the interesting JavaDoc blocks with html <div>-elements (actually they also have an id-attribute for future flexibility). In the html we extract these div-blocks and create the target of choice (wikipages). 
As a by-product we also generate a DocBook document where each selected class will become a chapter and these are enveloped by standard (DocBook) elements to create a complete document.

Regards Lars

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: Paul Millar [mailto:paul@astro.gla.ac.uk] 
Skickat: den 12 juli 2010 10:37
Till: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Ämne: [docbook-apps] Compact DocBook ?

Dear all,

[I hope this is on-topic for this list]

I'm hoping to embed DocBook within some Java code (as comments).  Along with 
some support utilities, this should allow embedding of documentation next to 
the code it describes.  This is somewhat similar to JavaDoc, but:

   a.  using DocBook vocabulary,

   b.  to be included within end-user documentation.

The thought of writing DocBook XML inside Java comments isn't appealing.

So, does anyone know of a more compact markup for DocBook than XML (e.g., 



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