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Subject: PDF olinking and FOP


  I am wondering if anyone has a complete setup of docbook + pdf +
olinking working. After some research pdf olinking is documented as
not working with fop:


  I believe this is incorrect. I could get it working by patching
directly the output fo file to use the following syntax:

  <fo:basic-link external-destination="url(my.pdf#dest=myid)">

to get the page syntax working:

  <fo:basic-link external-destination="url(my.pdf#page=7)">

The corresponding my.fo should contains fox:destination named destinations (*):

<fox:destination internal-destination="myid"/>

I found out that the old fop.xsl was exporting fox:destination
elements, but not the new fop1.xsl...

Could someone please shed some light on the actual support of named
destinations in PDF using fop + docbook 1.75 ?

Thanks !
(*) http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.95/extensions.html#named-destinations

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