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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] gentext.template eats 1/3 of CPU

Those changes were pretty significant for me. I am now seeing a 14-15% improvement from the stock 1.75.2 release.
I am processing about 950K (in 34 files) of source and it is now down to 12.5 secs verses 15 seconds with the stock release. This is just for the XSL processing down to an FO file.
I am using XSLTPROC under Linux and also Windows. The above numbers were from the Linux box because the Windows box was much too loaded to provide stable results.
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 07/14/10 10:02:22 Pacific Daylight Time, jirka@kosek.cz writes:
Sam Fischmann wrote:
> Curiously enough, I don't seem to be getting a predictable speed boost
> on my tests. I have a huge build that runs every night, so I'll have
> better number for comparison tomorrow. I'm anxious to see what comes
> out.

It might also depend on XSLT processor you are using.

I have commited another set of patches right now. With Saxon 6.5.5/9.2
on 450K source file speedup is ~30% (from almost 15 seconds to little
less then 10 seconds).

If you are using different XSLT processor I would be interested in
seeing your figures.

New build should appear shortly at


Please give it a try. If similar speedup will appear in other
implementations I will call this quite small patch a big DocBook
contribution to a "green IT" buzzword ;-)


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