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Subject: Re: Website: is there any additional *short* title for use in the TOC / left column?

>>>>> Denis Bradford writes:

> Hi Jochen,

> In your layout.xml, you can add titles to tocentries, like this:

>         <tocentry filename="am-paris.html" page="am-paris.xml">
>           <title>Short title</title>
>         </tocentry>

> If you add the optional title element a tocentry, it is displayed in the
> TOC instead of the title that's in the web page. The tocentry title
> doesn't change the title in the web page itself.

That's nothing I accidentally missed at either sagehill.net/docbookxsl/ or dpawson.co.uk/docbook/website/,
I think.

> HTH,

Of course it helped! Thank you very much!!!

> Denis


BTW ;-)
We all replace the logos and the favicon, that come with DocBook Website from sourceforge, I guess
(I will do that soon, seriously!),
but what software are you using for creating those images?

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