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Subject: DocBook Website and SVG images for the banners

Having recognized the power of SVG only recently

(maybe HTML5 is going to embrace all its relevant dedicated powers rather soonish anyway ˇ­),

I now wanted to make use of SVG for the banner "images".

Well, first I simply replaced the PNG with an SVG here:

  <config param="homebanner-tabular" 	value="graphics/homebanner.png"                   altval="Home Banner"/>

But during all my difficult attempts
of making use of SVG generated by Adobe Illustrator
I couldn't quite clearly see, where all my trouble originated.

After I had sorted the Adobe Illustrator SVG trouble itself,
I had to learn from here


that my HTML would have to make use of the EMBED tag instead of the IMG tag.
Well "my" browsers being Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, that is not a problem, they all accept EMBED.

But how do I get my layout.xml to create the EMBED tag?

Looking through the "xsl/" subdirectory of my Website installation,
I am getting the impression, SVG is not getting mentioned there.

Any suggestions?

Me being a perl+ruby hacker
I can very well imagine postprocessing the HTML
and replacing code like this

  <img align="left" border="0" src="graphics/banner.svg" alt="Banner">

with code like this

  <embed align="left" border="0" src="graphics/banner.svg" alt="Banner" type="image/svg+xml">

That's part of my webscraper competenceˇ­ ;-)

But me *not* being an XSL hacker, what choice do I have?

Asking an XSL hacker here for his Amazon wishlist? :-)

Kind regards,

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