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Subject: Re: blogging using DocBook articles or so ...

>>>>> Robert Lucente writes:

> We have to be very conscious of who is the intended audiance.
> Warning pontification: You can't be everything to everybody.

> Creating DocBook XML and then getting the processing chain to work to
> convert XML to HTML 
> and then screwing around to get something
> to look exactly the way you want it to 
> in order to create a blog seems like way overkill.

My standards a lower there.
Aesthetics are important but not prio 1.
And IMHO DocBook output *is* nice.

And you do know, that O'Reilly books (all/some/a few?!?) are written in DocBook "nowadays", don't you?

Maybe blogging&sharing would get far more often done, if the means were easier.

My current experience is "DocBook Website",
which glues separate documents together using a "layout.xml",
which serves quite a few different purposes including customization.

I would even regard it as acceptable to maintain something like the source of the RSS/atom feeds,
which could be the corresponding thing to that "layout.xml".

> If something is not long or if the aesthetics are very critical, 
> perhaps DocBook is not the tool ?

> I am not trying to start a flame war, 
> just trying to look at things from everybody's perspective.

Fair enough.
Thanks for your contribution.

I just wanted to ask around and maybe suggest and idea.
Sometimes it take a spark, you know, in order to start projects, tiny ones and big ones.

Just my $0.05.

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