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Subject: Re: blogging using DocBook articles or so ...

>>>>> Dave Pawson writes:

> On Sun, 18 Jul 2010 15:43:20 +0200
> Jochen Hayek wrote:

>> So far I have been blogging on a couple of "blogger.com" blogs of
>> mine, and I got quite used to the capabilities there,
>> I mean WYSIWYG is not that disgusting, even for an open-minded emacs
>> guy as me, but then бн

>> бн maybe there has already been an attempt to use DocBook for blogging?

>> I mean, *what* *is* a *blog* *really*???

>> A time-consecutive list of articles,
>> together with a commenting facility (but that's not most important, I
>> think), and automatically supplied RSS and/or atom feeds.

> Not docbook, but I've been generating atom blog entries for some time now.
> Each entry a different file (by date, then date.1 etc)
> Bit of python to get the xml file list, 
> XSLT to generate html + toc
> XSLT to generate the full atom feed.
> It's worked for about 5 years for me.
> Validated using NVDL.

> Let me know if you're interested.

I am of course.

Just to make sure: there is no DocBook envolved at all?
I would love to see DocBook at the core.

And you regard the file format, that "embraces" the articles (DocBook?!?),
as nice enough?

I mean, I am sure, it must actually be nice enough, if it's Dave Pawson's work.

Whatever grammar you are using,
I guess we can derive RNC from that,
which will enable my happy authoring in emacs with nxml-mode.

If I create an article (for the time being I asssume a DocBook article in one HTML chunk),
how much extra work is it around that?
do I have to manually keep redundant information like the article title and its creation DateTime?

Can we get away from that sort of redundancy?

You are a bright guy, that deserves my admiration.
I am only asking silly questions and creating cheaky requests.

So I am looking forward to any news from you.

Kind regards,
pls don't reply privately!
pls don't regard this Hun as rough!

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