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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: blogging using DocBook articles or so ...

On 07/21/10 06:49, Jochen Hayek wrote:
> Well, pls, keep me&us updated!

Will do.

Currently I have all the individual pieces except for the ""glue around 

I have no doubt that I can write a Makefile to kick off some actions the 
way that I want to.  The thing that I haven't sat down to finalize is 
how I want things inter-linked.  (I'm not talking about olinking either.)

I'm thinking that I want each document / article in its own 
(sub)directory and that the parent directory's index page (most likely 
manually edited, but could be automatic if desired) will link (not 
exactly sure how, olink, include, other?) in to the (sub)directories and 
include the child document titles and descriptions in to the ""index. 
I'm planing on the linking being a manual process so that I can add 
other content around the links and control the order of appearances as 
well as what does and does not appear.

I'm also hoping to make extensive use of titles and descriptions for 
such things as generating RSS / Atom feeds, sending notifications to 
email (lists) / newsgroups, etc.

I am going to completely separate layout / appearance from the raw 
content and output SSI directives from DocBook that are then interpreted 
by Apache to bring in my site layout and every thing associated there 
with.  -  One of the things that I've not nailed down here is how to 
inject (if you will) the page title in the middle of what is included 
via SSI.  I don't know if I will ultimately do a couple of includes, or 
set an SSI variable that is then used by what is included.

I'm also considering using AJAX to bring in the navigation menu so that 
I can have a simple static page that will dynamically be updated (on 
page load) when new content is added to the section / site.

One of my secondary / tertiary goals is to have the generated content be 
as cache friendly as possible as well as being accessible / section 508 

Like I say, lots of little pieces that need to be assembled to find the 
missing holes.  Once I have the missing holes, I'll start plugging them.

If any one cares to talk more details about what's in my head, it would 
probably be best to move this discussion off list.  That being said, 
drop me an email.

Grant. . . .

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