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Subject: Re: blogging using DocBook articles or so ...

Having talked a while here about how to blog the DocBook way,
Dave Pawson's contribution made me think of manually maintaining the RSS2.0 feed, an XML file.

That's not rocket science, like XSL programming ;-)

I do happen to have a RELAX-NG grammar for RSS2.0,
so editing my feed in emacs will be a piece of cake,
at least together with this nice little document provided by O'Reilly Media:

    How to Build an RSS 2.0 Feed


I have had this on my disk for quite a while,
not making too much use out of it,
but now maybe the time has come.

That text also discusses how to generate HTML from that RSS2.0 XML file,
so you can supply your readers with a nice HTMLish TOC of your postings.

And my postings would be in HTML created from DocBook articles.

I will come back on that topic *here*, once it's achieved.


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