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Subject: Re: article / info / author / address - how do I make it appear?

>> I had hoped, I would find a simple switch saying "include author?".

alright, it's not as simple as that, but almost ;-)

My "article" starts like this:

    <article version="5.0" class="techreport" xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook"; xmlns:xl="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"; xml:lang="de">
          <address><street>Augsburger Straße 33</street><postcode>10789</postcode><city>Berlin</city><country>Deutschland</country></address>
        <date><?dbtimestamp format="Y-m-d H:M:S"?></date>
        <releaseinfo role="rcs">$Id: book.xml 1.4 2010/07/18 02:04:14 johayek Exp johayek $</releaseinfo>

According to

  Chapter 11 ("title page customization"), "create a titlepage spec file"

there is now a html/mytitlepages.spec.xml, copied from


and extended a little:

      <t:titlepage-content t:side="recto">



Maybe it's even overdone.

And I created anew, what need that:

[2010-07-22 17:06:24] johayek@HayekU $ make mytitlepages
xsltproc \
            --output html/mytitlepages.xsl \
            /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh5/1.75.1/template/titlepage.xsl \

[2010-07-22 17:06:35] johayek@HayekU $ make html
env XML_CATALOG_FILES=/etc/xml/catalog \
            xsltproc \
                --output book.html \
                html/docbook.xsl \
Note: namesp. cut : stripped namespace before processing           ...
WARNING: cannot add @xml:base to node set root element.  Relative paths may not work.
Note: namesp. cut : processing stripped document                   ...

[2010-07-22 17:07:23] johayek@HayekU $ 

If I am missing any necessary details,
you will find the TAR ball here:


I am quite positive, that things will improve on my side, the more I going into depth here right now,
which I actually avoided for a couple of years.

Appreciating any help and pointers,
pls don't reply privately!
pls don't regard this Hun as rough!

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