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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] linkend attr required in =?UTF-8?Q?=3Cbiblioref=3E=3F?=

On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 09:25:48 +0200, Markus Hoenicka
<markus.hoenicka@mhoenicka.de> wrote:
> maxwell <maxwell@umiacs.umd.edu> was heard to say:
>> Perhaps this XML frag is supposed to be
>>    <citation><biblioref linkend="Chomsky1965" begin="23"
> I can't comment on the innards of the RNG schema regarding the  
> biblioref element, but as one of those who originally suggested the  
> biblioref element I'd like to confirm that the above usage is what we  
> had in mind. 

Thanks, after playing around I see that this works well--in fact, I don't
need the <citation> element (which I showed above wrapping the <biblioref>
element>) at all.  Much cleaner!

I think the 'xrefstyle' attribute on <biblioref> is supposed to be used
for things like where the parens go, or whether things are parenthesized,
etc.  I suppose it's too much to ask that this could be standardized in
DocBook, perhaps along the lines of the LaTeX 'natbib' package--probably
there's just too much variability.  If only everyone did things like me!

   Mike Maxwell

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