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Subject: Re: DocBook Website / style of the generated HTML

>>>>> Sina K Heshmati <sina@khakbaz.com> writes:

> "Jochen Hayek" <Jochen+oasis-open@Hayek.name> said:
>>>>>>> Sina K Heshmati writes:
>>> "Jochen Hayek" said:
>>>>>>>>> Sina K Heshmati writes:
>>>>> "Jochen Hayek" said:

>>>> (2) Does is make sense, to let a designer improve the CSS for my purpose?
>>> It depends on what you mean by improving CSS.
>> Achieving something as neat as BeagleBytes.com as opposed to the "default
>> Website".

> Could you not just grab the style [3] of that website and apply them to yours?

I see, SinDoc, you are a rather smart guy!!

That's exactly, what I planned to do short-term,
actually I wanted to let that get done by a friend,
but she is not as DocBook-minded as I am, so that looks a little difficult.
Artist, a little main-stream web-designer, ...

> The CSS customization to this website doesn't seem to be very deep. 
> I mean, the markup is the same table-rich HTML.

>>> If you want to generate a table-less HTML layout,
>>> given your DocBook Website source files and website layout,
>>> you might want to take a look at SilkPage [2].
>> I am personally not really in a hurry regarding table-less HTML.

> Did you not like the look-and-feel of SilkPage instances. 
> FWIW, SilkPage has other themes too but they're not equally elaborate. 
> The 'ala' XSL theme is the best, AFAIK.

I read about SilkPage before,
thank for the pointer anyway.

But I decided to be patient and be focused on DocBook Website itself.

>>>> (2) Will Website2 invalidate the CSS used for "Website-2.6", because it changes
>>>> structure and/or naming (conventions)?
>>> Yes, indeed!
>> So investment in nicer (temporary) CSS should be rather restrictive.

> It depends on your preferences as to the final look-and-feel of your website. 
> Once you define a target, 
> then there will definitely be a reasonable solution that takes your toward your goal.

Well, pointed out, dear friend!

You earned yourself beer and pizza,
if you ever make it to Berlin or if we meet anywhere else.

> Kind regards,
> SinDoc

> [3] http://www.beaglebytes.com/stylesheet.css


Good man!

Thanks for your response!

How can we speed up the re-implementation? :-)

Kind regards from Berlin,

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