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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Help needed testing CJK search support in webhelp

 >> exclude.search.from.webhelp. Setting this to true will drop the
 >> search tab.

You're right, I changed that property -- not sure why. My mistake!

 >> Index is already there, as the last link in TOC tab.
 >> Did you mean that
 >> or adding a separate tab for index, along with 'contents' and 
 >>'search' tabs?

Yes, I meant in the TOC tab, not a separate tab. But since your TOC has 
the link (not sure why mine didn't) I doubt it's a WebSite issue.

- Denis

On 08/12/2010 02:37 AM, Kasun Gajasinghe wrote:
 >> Hello Denis,
 >> Thanks for the feedback. Please see the comments inline.
 >> --Kasun
 >> Sent from my iPhone
 >> On 12 Aug 2010, at 07:48 AM, Denis Bradford
 >> <denis.bradford@verizon.net> wrote:
 >>> I've installed and built the new package. It's beautiful! I saw a few
 >>> issues:
 >>> 1. Couldn't create Search tab: I assume the Search tab is supposed to
 >>> appear somehow when I build the indexer. However, after following
 >>> instructions and running both the webhelp build-indexer targets I got
 >>> the TOC tab only.
 >> The purpose 'build-indexer' target is to compile the java source that
 >> is used for indexing the content. For a end- user this target is of
 >> less use, unless s/he plans to change java source.
 >> Running only 'webhelp' target should create the search tab. But we did
 >> made creating the search tab optional. Ie if user doesn't need it,
 >> s/he can drop it.
 >> It is done by a property in build.properties file called
 >> exclude.search.from.webhelp. Setting this to true will drop the search
 >> tab.
 >> But, I couldn't figure out the reason For your case, assuming you
 >> didn't change that property. Can you please pastebin the ant webhelp
 >> output as well? Now, I'm not away from my computer I will look in
 >> further possible causes for your issue and will update list.
 >>> Here's the command output -- not sure if it's completely normal:
 >>> $ ant build-indexer
 >>> Buildfile: build.xml
 >>> build-indexer:
 >>> [mkdir] Created dir: ~/webhelp/indexer/lib/htmlsearch
 >>> [javac] Compiling 9 source files to ~/webhelp/indexer/lib/htmlsearch
 >>> [javac] Note:
 >>> ~/webhelp/indexer/src/com/nexwave/nquindexer/IndexerTask.java uses
 >>> unchecked or unsafe operations.
 >>> [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
 >>> [jar] Building jar: ~/webhelp/indexer/lib/nw-cms.jar
 >>> [delete] Deleting directory ~/webhelp-db4/indexer/lib/htmlsearch
 >> This is normal, and this has no connection with the issue above.
 >>> 2. I looked at the Search tab on the online package
 >>> (http://www.thingbag.net/docbook/gsoc2010/doc/content/). Verified
 >>> that search results are synced with the TOC. However, noticed this
 >>> glitch:
 >>> When I enter a search query and click a link in the result, the
 >>> target topic has a big, light blue input button with the letter H in
 >>> it, just beside the top arrow nav button. The button appears on every
 >>> Search target that I open, but is hidden when I open topics from the
 >>> TOC instead of Search.
 >> It is removed now. That was a intermediatory thing.
 >>> 3. The source has indexterm elements but no index. You might consider
 >>> adding an index element to the end of the book, just so the build
 >>> generates an index. After, this is one of the advantages of WebHelp
 >>> over DocBook Website!
 >> Index is already there, as the last link in TOC tab. Did you mean that
 >> or adding a separate tab for index, along with 'contents' and 'search'
 >> tabs?
 >>> I did verify that the TOC stays synced when I navigate using the index.
 >>> (Exception: 'Web-based Help from DocBook XML Readme' has an index
 >>> entry but no TOC link. Since this is the bookinfo component, I think
 >>> WebHelp effectively syncs to the top of the TOC.)
 >> Ok. We missed that. I'll add an link to the bookinfo component.
 >>> Thanks so much for this work, Kasun, I hope this feedback is a little
 >>> bit useful.
 >> Thanks to you as well for the great feedback! This will help us to
 >> make webhelp better. And special thanks should go to my mentor, David
 >> Cramer for his great support.
 >> Please point out further glitches you notice.
 >>> Denis
 >>> P.S. While looking at WebHelp, it suddenly struck me that your
 >>> frameless design makes implementing context-sensitive help a
 >>> no-brainer. I remember all the work Jirka had to do to add support
 >>> for application hooks in the htmlhelp stylesheets, because we had to
 >>> go through the CHM browser's protocol. With WebHelp, F1 from any
 >>> control just needs a simple URL link to an HTML page. That's a major
 >>> selling point, IMO.
 >> Yes it is. With this Css-based approach, users will land on correct
 >> URL when coming from search engine results, which is not the case if
 >> framesets were used.
 >> Thanks,
 >> --Kasun

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