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Subject: DocBook API Extension


As a part of GSoC project, I am working on adding support for API documentation in Docbook 5. The new grammar exists in ''docbook/relaxng/api" with name 'api.rnc', under DocBook codebase. Comments from the docbook community are needed related to the following points:

1) Currently, the new grammar uses the same namespace (for backward compatibility with Boost documents) as docbook 5 but we are considering to use a different namespaces for docbook extensions (e.g. http://docbook.org/ns/docbook/extensionname) to support different elements (with same name but in different docbook extensions). In case we use a different namespace for extension, to my understanding, users would be required to associate namespace information with their elements (belonging to different extensions) in their xml documents but, also, it would be helpful to use multiple extensions in a single xml document.

2) There are some XSL stylsheets for the new grammar. We are looking for suggestions on how to integrate those stylesheets with the existing stylesheets of DocBook 5 and how the user is expected to use them in this case?

Your feedback will be very valuable for current and future extensions of DocBook.



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