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Subject: Re: DocBook Slides : a "single quote" character within <title>.*</title> must get escaped in the Javascript for the nav. ToC ...

>>>>> Mauritz Jeanson writes:

> OK, now I understand (it would have helped
> if you had said from the start
> that you are using the "dynamic ToC" feature).

didn't I?

>>>>> On Wed, 11 Aug 2010 01:39:31 +0200, Jochen Hayek said:

> [...]

> The effect is then, that the navigiational ToC does not show up at all.

I thought that's the term our guru mates here use.
should I err there?
sorry for the confusion.

> The problem is in frames.xsl. The output of title or titleabbrev should be
> wrapped in a call to the string.subst template, but it isn't. This has been
> fixed since Slides 3.4.0 was released, 
> in the version of frames.xsl that comes with the regular DocBook-XSL release.   

would that be 1.75.1 ?

or anything far newer than that?

well, the single quote character problem is still alive and kicking with 1.75.1,
which I tried right now.

Many thanks for your help, Mauritz!

> Mauritz

Kind regards,
Jochen, the rough+rude Hun ;-)

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