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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Re: DocBook Slides : a "single quote" character within <title>.*</title> must get escaped in the Javascript for the nav. ToC ...

|  -----Original Message-----
|  From: Jochen Hayek 
|  >>>>> Mauritz Jeanson writes:
|  > OK, now I understand (it would have helped
|  > if you had said from the start
|  > that you are using the "dynamic ToC" feature).
|  didn't I?

You did not say that you had set the dynamic.toc parameter to 1 (the default
is 0).
If you don't set this parameter you still get a TOC of course, but not a
dynamic one.

|  would that be 1.75.1 ?
|  or anything far newer than that?


|  well, the single quote character problem is still alive and 
|  kicking with 1.75.1, which I tried right now.

That is strange. If you do a diff between frames.xsl in Slides 3.4.0 and
frames.xsl in DocBook-XSL 1.75.1 (or 1.75.2), you can see for yourself that
the single quote escaping of titles is fixed (by calling the string.subst
template) in the latter file.


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