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Subject: Re: html 5, as a target

>>>>> Jirka Kosek writes:

> Dave Pawson wrote:

>> Structural markup would better match docbook semantics.

> You mean those new elements which are not working in IE6 & IE7?

> http://blog.whatwg.org/supporting-new-elements-in-ie

>> Generally a move forward from html 4.

> From markup point of view HTML5 is a mess. No grammar, no schema. HTML5
> is step forward for web applications, but in some other directions it is
> step backward.

We all appreciate your technical expertise,
but from a marketing point of view,
it's one of the biggest mistakes you or the DocBook community could make,
if you said: we ignore HTML5.

Would you agree?

Jochen, the rough+rude Hun ;-)

Me being a stubborn Darwinist,    ;-)
I can only emphasize, that "evolution is not always to the better".
But it's sort of stupid to fight evolution,
better join it, if that matters to evolution.

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