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Subject: Re: html 5, as a target

>>>>> Robert Lucente <rlucente@pipeline.com> writes:

>> from a marketing point of view

> I am not sure what the "correct answer" is; however, lets ask 

> Who is the intended audiance / market of DocBook ?

Dear Gurus,
dear inclined audience!

Don't be shy and don't be overly modest!

There is not only DocBook out there,

which *is* *not* *only* *for* *technical* *writers*,
but for every new generation writer, who looks hyper-linking and a little bit of mark-up as well
and who is just fed up with authoring in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

There is also DocBook Website, and a new release being seriously worked on under a ***Google*** grant.

There is also DocBook Slides.

And last not least there is also "DocBook for Blogging",
even if NDW doesn't call it like that.

And who knows, what NDW got in his drawers apart from that ;-)

Let's face it, if we don't propagate DocBook for all that and *all* *of* *them* *together* *with* *HTML5*,
we are missing an opportunity.

Apart from whatever HTML5 you might still discover apart from the "well-known" ones.

How "many" new features of HTML5 "our DocBook" might even make use of, mentioning HTML5 *is* a *factor*.
You should be aware of that.

@web_haters: Don't keep DocBook for yourself in the technical closets!

Just my $0.05.

Jochen, the rough+rude Hun

It wasn't meant as entertainment at all,
but yes: allow yourself to have a smile.
That's good for your health!

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