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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: html 5, as a target

Dave Pawson wrote:

> I'm curious why you are so anti? 

I'm not anti, I'm trying to be pragmatic. And I don't see what
advantages can bring HTML5 output generated from DocBook to end users.

> Would you argue against all its features:
> A11y

Do you have idea how and when DocBook markup should be mapped to aria-*?

> structure
> navigation

These elements are not supported in IE6/7 and they can't be CSS styled
there without using supplement Javascript library.

Anyway those elements doesn't bring any new user experience.

> media

OK, we can map audioobject/videobject to respective HTML5 elements. Is
there anyone who uses these elements in real life DocBook documents?

> easier mathml, svg

This is not well supported by all browsers, usually you have to use some
additional Javascript library to get MathML support in wider range of
browsers (http://www.mathjax.org/). (Btw, I hope to integrate support
for MathJax into stylesheets soon.)

> microdata

Should we support microdata as the most widespread technology today? Or
RDFa which fits nicely with SemanticWeb (which itself is little bit
broken). Or microdata because Hixie can create his best markup for any

Which kind of semantics/metadata from DocBook should be turned into

> Far easier image scaling.

I don't know which HTML5 feature you mean by this.

> Equally, I'm curious to know how far back in the browser chain you'd
> like to go with docbook support? Netscape?

IE6 is still very widespread, especially in large corporations. Default
stylesheets output should definitively work in it.

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