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Subject: Re: multi-lingual DocBook Website web-sites

>>>>> Jirka Kosek writes:

Jochen Hayek wrote:

>> So the multi-lingual refers to a couple of aspects, even not too seriously connected issues:

>> 1.) With the currenty stylesheets to create HTML from DocBook Website documents:
>> would it be possible to extract&convert parts of the documents labeled with the languages of respective parts of these documents
>> *into* *separate* *HTML* *documents*

> This is possible using profiling feature of stylesheets. For web-site
> you have to use two-pass approach:

> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/Profiling.html

> Although I don't think that having both language versions in single file
> is a good approach for localization. 

> It is better to have language versions in a separate files 

Alright, I started doing that,
but actually I wanted to avoid that.

"Single source principle" had looked nice to me for many years ;-(

> and use translation software with translation memory to maintain localizations. 

Definitely not, thanks for the advice anyway.

> Try googling, this was dicussed plenty of times in a past.

>> and 2.) would it be possible to "publically" link these different HTML files to each other
>> using "e.g." the flags of the countries, where these languages are spoken most.

> You can customize XSLT stylesheets to emit additional links to other languages.

That wasn't done anywhere so far?

My xslt skills wait for slight improvements ...

Many thanks for your response, Jirka!!

Kind regards,

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