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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: dbfo-need height and FOP

Hi Antti,

Antti Karanta wrote:
> On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 10:13:47 +0200, Antti Karanta
> <antti.karanta@napa.fi> wrote:
>>> When I test dbfo-need with fop.0.95 and 1.75.2, I found that it does
>>> work in some locations but not others.  In the case of placing a
>>> dbfo-need between block elements like para, it works.  But if you put
>>> the dbfo-need before a section element, it does not.
>>> Regarding the extra space that you noticed, that is the other problem
>>> that fop 0.95 has. It does not yet handle the combination of
>>> properties (primarily space-after.precedence) that puts the text back
>>> where it should start when a dbfo-need is used.  That is a limitation
>>> that must await full support for the space-after property in FOP.
>>    Do you know of any specific issues in the fop bug tracker regarding
>> these issues? I'd like to add myself as a CC so I can track the progress.
>   Hmm, this last question seems to have gone unnoticed. I bumped into
> this issue again so I again came to wonder whether these problems are
> known to fop developers? I.e. are there one or more bug reports about
> these in fop bug tracker? I could not find any but that may be just due
> to not choosing the right words to search with.

This problem is known by at least one FOP developer, but there is no
corresponding issue in the bug tracker. Feel free to submit one, this
will at least allow to keep track of it.


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