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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Controlling the publishing process - shellscripts, Ant, other tools

On Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:55:36 -0400
Peter Desjardins <peter.desjardins.us@gmail.com> wrote:

> Here are some of the questions I have. Any input will be very helpful.
> * What are some advantages an Ant-based publishing system has over a
> shell script system? Clearly Ant is cross-platform, what else?

Fairly well known Peter. More chance of others maintaining your script?

> * Is there a typical Ant architecture for large, single-sourced
> documentation sets? I've got over 30 large documents being published
> to multiple formats. Would I set up a build.xml file for each document
> and format permutation and then have a master build.xml file to run
> them all at once?

I have multiple media in one ant build file. Suggest you review it and
group our output as appropriate. There is an 'include' facility in ant
which I use for definitions, you could look at that. I guess time spent
on design will pay off later, usual ideas. 

> * The example on Dave Pawson's site (thanks, Dave!) shows web site
> publishing. Does anyone know of example Ant setups for publishing
> large manual sets to PDF and online help?

I do a 120 page document (embarrassed to say what) using 'book' root
element. No problem. 

> * Can Ant handle complicated file manipulation like packaging Eclipse
> help plugins into an Infocenter WAR file? Will I end up having to
> write shell-script code for an Ant task to execute?

I call xslt using the java and task, I guess you could do the same
for building a war file? Otherwise perhaps run them in bash as a
precursor to running ant? 

> * What other build control systems should I consider in this
> situation? I don't think my colleagues would be very excited about GNU
> make files. I'm not too excited about the idea of a CMS to handle
> publishing. Anything else?

ditto... although Norm seems pretty impressed with his employers kit.

Not that I've used Peter.




Dave Pawson

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