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Subject: XREF text/label issue

I have an issue that has either popped up or I just realized it. It has to do with the XREF in certain instances it does not display the numbered sections (i.e "see 1.2.3 Start Up Procedures"). This is correct when referencing figures and chapters, but it leaves off the number reference on sections and procedures and just leaves the title.
I'm pretty sure I have done something silly in the customization so I tried a bare 1.75.2 stylesheet with the following additions but could not seem to activate the number references, so I can't really say for sure that it happens in the stock stylesheets.

    <xsl:param name="xref.with.number.and.title">1</xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="section.label.includes.component.label">1</xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="section.autolabel">1</xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="section.autolabel.max.depth">10</xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="chapter.autolabel">1</xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="generate.section.toc.level">2</xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="toc.max.depth" select="6"></xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="label.from.part" select="1"></xsl:param>
    <xsl:param name="component.label.includes.part.label" select="1"></xsl:param>
So two questions:
1. What do I need to do to activate the numbered references on the above customization. I would assume that the first line should do it?
2. Any ideas where to check? Is this a design issue in the DB XSL that I missed?
Dean Nelson

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