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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook for industrial usage

| Hi, yesterday I talked with Camille on IRC about getting
| docbook used more in industry. I am searching for companies
| that already use it and that could give a good example about
| what they do with docbook and why they use it. And I also got
| one first contact I am going to write to.

Not exactly industry, but all our college's computer center
publications are done in DocBook 4.3 (yes, yes, I know, I'll move
to 5.0 if I ever finish migrating all our old HTML to our new
Pylons site).


I currently maintain several hundred DocBook documents.  DocBook
is also my preferred framework for literate programming:


When I start a new coding project, the first thing I do is set up
the directory for DocBook and write up the requirements.  Next, I
flesh out the specification.  Next step is to write up the design
and include diagrams and tables for such design artifacts as
entity-relationship diagrams and schema pictures.  Then the code
goes right in the same document so it is single-sourced there.

Here's our peer-reviewed journal article on this subject:

     Stavely, Allan, Lynda Walsh, and John Shipman.
     Lightweight literate programming: a documentation
     practice.  Technical Communication 55(1), Feb. 2008.

I love DocBook and wish to thank all the many people who built it
and continue to maintain and enhance it.  A marvelous tool and
the pivot around which all my documentation and software design
practice rotate.

Best regards,
John Shipman (john@nmt.edu), Applications Specialist, NM Tech Computer Center,
Speare 119, Socorro, NM 87801, (575) 835-5735, http://www.nmt.edu/~john
   ``Let's go outside and commiserate with nature.''  --Dave Farber

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