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Subject: FOP error after upgrading from 1.75.1 to 1.76.0

I get the following error when transforming my valid and well-formed DocBook 5 files to PDF after I upgraded the stylesheets from 1.75.1 to 1.76.0:
ERROR - inline area not allowed under flow - ignoring
This happens for indexterms that are direct children of the root element of a file. Let me illustrate with an example:
<section><title/><info/><indexterm/><para/> ==> error
<section><title/><info/><para><indexterm/></para> ==> no error
The behavior is the same when preface, chapter, or appendix is the root element.
The PDF turns out OK, but the error messages confuses many of our developers. Is there a way to fix this locally in the stylesheets?
Using FOP 0.95 through oXygen XML Editor 11.1.
Best regards,
Bergfrid Skaara

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